How to Generate a VAT Invoice in your membership area

As soon as you have purchased one of our courses, in order to generate and invoice please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your membership.

2. Please click on account settings on the far left hand side of the screen.

3. Then in the white screen you will see a green tab called how to generate PDF invoices.

  1. Click on addresses 
  2. Update / check billing address by clicking edit. Note if only Messages Of Trust Member you will need to fill out billing address and save
  3. Click on orders
  4. Find the order you would like a receipt for 
  5. Click on Invoice
  6. Check details
  7. Click download top right 🙂

* The second step guides you to Billing Address then you can add your VAT number under the Address and generate the relevant invoice for the product you purchased. *

Please do give it a go and and if you have any questions I happy to help with the process, please just send us an email.

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