Navigating The Messages Of Trust

To begin the Messages Of Trust, ensure you are on the Course Content page.

Scroll down and you will see the 3 Message Lessons

Part 1 - And start watching the Messages of Trust.

You will be taken to the first message where you can watch the video. The Lesson will finish and you can mark complete or it will automatically tag that you have done so after 3/4 fo the video. However you can always pause, rewatch, close and reopen the message at any time. There is no rush to complete the video or move on to the next so please take your time.

New Layout Messages of Trust

When you are ready, click Next to move on to the next video. When you have finished Message 3. Click on the grey block below Part 2. Here you will have access to an intro video as well as The Present Moment and Making the present Moment Stronger. These videos are vital to start learning the first part of the Foundation course.

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