In Person Events

Oh dear, I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we do not run any in-person events.   Especially over the past two years with the various travel and covid restrictions.

All of our training programs are online memberships, so you purchase a training course, log into your membership and view and learn via the tutorials and videos

Our in-person travel is most likely to be within our practitioner community going forward.

The simple answer is no, the complex answer is global lockdowns, travel restriction, unknown eventualities re possible cancellations equal- not the right time. We have been slowly, since 2009 developing, updating and utilising many online platforms, phasing all the training programmes that we did teach in person, onto our online academy.

The last update or transfer was completed in May this year so you are at an excellent timing to meet us, with our core product the Trust Technique Foundation Video Course.

It might be easier at looking at our training format in this light: our current work, rebranding and regulated training route are all within the Trust Technique Website.
All of our training programs are products you purchase and can add to your online memberships. All of our products are forever memberships of which you can log in via any device where you have wifi and continue viewing.

The TT is a method for identifying thinking levels. Both animals and people think and are sentient beings, so when we are both in a high thinking state, there is no communication and a lot of shared energy/vibration from the shared feeling. When one party takes responsibility, become the anchor point, reduces and show the other how-to, then you both reset, can listen, see the situation with softer yes, find your own resolve as your intuition is louder than thinking.

Many video course members work within a variety of environments and situations with their own animals, creating the bond and listening state to then educate, support and teach their animals to be peaceful in situations or environments where there may have been overthinking.

Here is a little info on the learner journey, levels of training and T&C.

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