Are the course videos translated? Subtítulos/Les sous-titres/Sottotitoli/Untertitel

As the Animal Communication Suite is not part of our regulated training route translations or subtitles are not in planning.

The Trust Technique Translation project started with subtitles in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, as we appreciate how many of our learners and members are bi-lingual and what a bonus this would be for many members to have accurate subtitles.

The Messages of Trust Intro video series and the Foundation Video Course are fully subtitled and have been running for several months now with lovely feedback from our global community - German, French, Italian and Spanish plus English - all of the Video Course content (60+ hours, 1/2 million words), so you really are at a wonderful time to join and learn with your animals.

Currently, we offer our introduction course Messages of Trust for free, so it is a great time to share the info with your friends all over the world :)

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