Course Journey

Breaking down the customer journey may help to clarify any confusion about our course offering and the order in which you undertake the Trust Technique Journey.

The introductory product (Messages of Trust) is our prelude, intro, easy access in point, to learn more about what the Trust Technique represents, essence and an overview of the 3 concepts. 
It is £6.50 of which we turned the first video to open viewing in Nov 2019 and donate back to sponsorship, rescue and centres via the Message of Trust program. 
The Trust Technique Video course is our cornerstone product, all you need for working with your own animals and developing a deeper bond of trust and listening. 
It is also the pre-requisite product if you are considering continuing to the Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for Humans and Animals - Trust Technique Practitioner. 
The product that we relaunched in 2020 - is old or revamp of the Animal Communication Training product stream, as the only product we have had there is the Audio ACT1CD set from 2002. Hence this is a tidy off from the Animal Communication Syllabus. It is like our other memberships and now includes video tutorials from the last ever in-person ACT1 Workshop that we ran. So it is a little like you are attending the day, with the interactive forum for sharing photos and a practice area in the forum.
The communication skills often really enhance the first concept of the Trust Technique - Creative Reaction. It is an additional skill if you are wanting to deepen the listening state and sharing feelings. You have all you need in the Trust Technique application to build trust in your relationship with your animal. Mindful Regard is the key to timing, listening and application of the present moment. There is a little dance between delivering (non-thought, present moment) of which this is practical animal communication, by the way, the message or feeling you are delivering- right now be peaceful
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