Using Course Navigation

Click My Courses in the Left-Hand Menu to see the Courses that you have purchased. You can also find direct links to all our Courses in this menu. Please read the Terms Of Use on this page before proceeding with a Course.

Click the images to enlarge them.

Click a Course to go to the Course homepage. You will see a Start Course button (this changes to Continue if you have already started). Scroll down and you can also click Expand All to show the Course Structure.
Courses are made up of Lessons and within in them, Topics. Some courses you have to work through in order whereas others, like the Trust Technique Video Course, you can skip to other other areas.

Click Start Course and you will enter the first Lesson. When you are ready,  progress by clicking the first Topic title. When you have finished the Topic, click Mark Complete or the Next button at the bottom to continue throughout the Course. You can always go back and redo Topics using the Course Structure or the Previous/Next buttons.

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