Working with animals that are not my own

As you are working in that little grey area, eg rescue centres or other peoples animals that you are not mainly caring for, which is very different from a domestic environment.

Please let me bring to your awareness the relationship boundaries that are an integral part of working with the Trust Technique and in accordance with our T&Cs.

The difference we see is between caring daily for an animal, in a position of responsibility, or not caring for an animal in that position, hence not being able to make decisions about their environment.

To put it very on the ground, if you do not have these two words - continuity and responsibility, then you may have to question your intent in building trust with an animal when it cannot be continued or transferred to the appropriate person who is responsible. To be met with the present moment feeling and mindful regard by one person and with the other training methods by the main caretaker can be at best confusing or right out painful for the animal.

Within the TT your listening ability to the animals deepens, our role as creating public practitioners is to help transfer, educate and share this deepen or listening with the main human carer who is responsible and there is continuity.

When learning TT the urge to "help them all" can be really strong, but it is not our responsibility or privilege to change that relationship FOR another human & animal. 

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