Currency and VAT questions

When you reach the shopping cart and choose which payment method you would like to use,
eg PayPal or Credit card, then this gateway converts the currency at the day's rate, from any currency into GB £
VAT is not applicable to any countries outside of the EU.

Noting both Paypal and Credit cards will also have a daily currency rate on the date of purchase, which may vary slightly.

A great website to check currency is, also at the bottom of our website page, there is a little currency convertor pre taking you to the shopping cart, so you can check above the exact rate at the time of purchase.
It is currently set to US$, though it can be changed to any currency before reaching the shopping cart.

The Message of Trust Intro series- £6.50 = $8.81 this is the place to start

During viewing the Messages of Trust you will receive the sponsorship offers for the foundation course- The Trust Technique Video Course:

Do enjoy the Intro series, it has many little gifts coming within the first ten days from purchase.

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