Creating a password

We appreciate the resetting password button can be a difficult area to navigate.
As privacy requirements for each membership are high for our website functionality, any password reset that a customer is doing, if it shows WEAK, then it will not allow you to choose this password and the auto password that is populated under the reset field will override the WEAK password, hence a password must show Medium to Strong for it to be accepted. There are also password conditions, eg placement and the number of symbols, which also causes the auto-populated password to fill if the status is not correct.

Many customers are not seeing this little security implementation, hence the auto password is being filled without them knowing and causing login issues.
Apologies for any time, energy and little overthinking this process may have caused you, believe us when we say, with no pun intended it is a shared feeling.

What are the password rules?
Your password has to be at least 8 characters long. It can't have any blank spaces. It has to use characters from at least three of the following sets:

We do not accept a weak password, the password will not save if the word is weak. Please add to your password until it is medium or strong then repeat and save. 

  • Upper case letters A-Z
  • Lower case letters a-z
  • Numerals 0-9
  • Special characters #?!@$%^&*- (not more than 1)

Your password can't start with # or " £

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