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It seemswe do have a bigger problem at hand, in that we have been notified, that there is a problem with Microsoft servers which will be affecting both the @yahoo @hotmail servers deliverability and privacy settings.

We have popped a public post up within the membership, as bless hundreds of people on yahoo and Hotmail, are all in the dark as such.
Here is a copy of the Welcome email, though please go around it and log directly into your membership and start viewing.

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Both Shelley and I would like to personally welcome you to the Trust Technique Introduction video series "The Messages Of Trust". These videos are yours for life and you can watch them as many times as you wish
Please read all of this email as it contains some really useful information.
It doesn't matter what level you are currently practising the Trust Technique, be this one of our level 3 diploma practitioners, a foundation video course member or if you are new and wish to explore the Trust Technique for the first time.
These messages are for anybody who sees the value of trust within their interactions with their animals, other people and themselves.
We are delighted to share this unique selection of videos describing what we have learnt over the last 15 years of developing and working with the Trust Technique.
Watching the videos
Click the link or login button below and use the username (which is your email) and the password that you created when signing up. This will take you to "My Courses page" where you will see the link to enter the Messages Of Trust video set.
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The welcome Tour video on the course home page

When you sign in and navigate to the Messages Of Trust course page, there is a tour video for you explaining how to navigate around the videos and get the best from the experience.

We have 3 Messages for you

Message no.1
  • We will be looking at the dynamics of trust for people and animals
  • How we share feelings with our animals
  • The one understanding that could change the animal industry
  • Why the boss theory takes trust from you and your animals
  • Practical understandings to help your animal have trust and confidence
Message no.2
  • The easy way to make positive changes in your life
  • How to help your animals self learn
  • How to view negative life situations from a new perspective
  • How to create an environment where your animal feels understood
  • How to change conditioned trigger points for you and your animals
Message no.3
  • The future of animal human connection
  • Discovering how to tap into animal intelligence
  • How to create true cooperation
  • Intuitive communication is easier than you might be thinking
  • Why working with gratitude means that you can achieve so much more with your animals
We believe that these messages will be insightful for you and help to elevate your connection with animals in a gentle yet profound way.
For those new to the Trust Technique please do explore our website to get to know us better! A great place to start is the courses page and also the about us page. We are looking forward to supporting you on this special journey.
Warmth and Trust
James & Shelley
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