As our first product is the Introductory series the Message of Trust, has been full translated and subtitled.
The Messages of Trust do have completed subtitles in all five languages- English, Spanish, Italian, German and French.

For the Foundation Video Course, the First Phase of the subtitles are completed and live on the website (Section 1- Section 5) 

Phase 2 has begun and is due for completion in Spring 2022

To turn on the subtitles, simply go to the video and click the small CC in the bottom right-hand corner of the video and select the language of your choice.
Then click Play on the video and the subtitles will appear.

Please do note that we have different video players in different areas of the website so the subtitle access may be different.

If you are not logged into the website, please click on the gear cog on the Messages of Trust video and then select the language you would like subtitles to watch.Dear ,

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