Videos Not Playing

If you are having trouble viewing some of our videos let's help you get back on track. 

As we have updated the Video course this year, with new video players, notes, translations and the layout changes with new tutorials, we have noticed that several of our members who may be viewing on an older device are having conflict issues when viewing.

Please have a look at what version of Mac IOS X  version your device is using and let us know, anything IOS X 10.12, or lower number is around 2 years out of date. 
To update, please check within your systems tab for system updates that need to be installed as this will make a big difference in streaming the videos.

Another tip is to try logging into your members possible by your iPhone which may be more versions updated, to see if the problem is across all devices, or isolated to your Ipad.

Please note that we also run a huge amount of updates on the website so sometimes this may be a problem as you need to log out and then log back in and clear your cache to ensure that the latest updates and fixes are at play.
This is a standard privacy, cookie and security process pretty common for most websites

Here is a little copied text, for details on updates

The IOS updates this year for most Apple devices, require you to do the updates on your device/s via your systems TAB, if not installed, then turn off your device, reset so it reboots and the new privacy updates will then be fully installed- it offers you the option to save cookies for our website again, which will allow you to view the videos.

Clearing your cache history is the next thing to check, in case your browser is auto opening from history. I've found a great article that will help you with this. The process only takes a few minutes and is fairly straightforward. Take a look here -

Once you have refreshed your cache, please revisit our website it should prompt you to accept the cookies again, then you can log back into your membership and enjoy the viewing.

Please let us know how it all goes, fingers are crossed. xx

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